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Tikal is known for being one of the most significant Mayan sites in Central America. At this excavation site located in Petén, the northern federal state of Guatemala, visitors are able to experience some of the most impressive Mayan architecture of all time.
Within the ceremonial centre of Tikal (reaching ca. 16 square kilometres), scientists have counted more than 3000 individual structures. For this reason, Tikal is not only regarded as the most significant Mayan site of the classical era (3.-9. century), but also as the best explored Mayan complex in the world.
Our professional guides will be happy to give you a complete tour of Tikal. On our tours you will get comprehensive information about Mayan architecture and archaeology as well as flora and fauna of the rainforest.

Archaeological scientific tours

Our first type of tours are our archaeological, scientific tours. On our tours, visitors gain deep insight into the scientific work at sites currently under investigation. We arrange tours to fascinating sites and provide travelers with unique scientific information and before-and-after photos about the sites. One of our tour offers is to Yaxha-Nakum, where visitors are able to see the archaeological site with the most restored buildings in whole Guatemala after Tikal. Travelers can admire several high temples and with 14 interior patios the biggest palace acropolis of the whole Mayan World.

Support the village communities

We also lead trips to lesser known sites such as La Blanca and San Clemente where we work to support the village communities. Visitors have the unique opportunity to see excavation work in progress and eat delicious homemade lunches prepared by Guatemalan families. We hope that by involving local residents in our tours, we are positively impacting the surrounding areas, which often lie without protection in the jungle. However, because looters will not work in areas frequented by people, your participation in our tours helps save these precious sites.

Jungle based tours

Our third type of trips are our jungle-based tours led by local guides, which range in length from 3 to 5 days. These tours include our trip to El Zotz-Tikal. On this tour, visitors watch thousands of bats fly out of an ancient Mayan cave at nightfall, and walk through virgin jungle to discover countless plants and animals including howler and spider monkeys, coatis, deer, and wild boars during the day.